Electrical problem with dash lights in 2001 Chrysler 300m

Three times in the past few days, my dash lights have come on while I was driving. At the same time, the power to the power windows, the turn signals, and the air conditioner/heater controls has turned off. The car still runs, the headlights stay on, and the radio continues to work. After a short time, three to five minutes, the dash lights turn off and the power comes back to the windows, turn signals and air. Any ideas what the problem is? Thanks.

I assume the dash lights you are talking about are the warning lights and not illumination lights for the dash.

To find the trouble you may first want to look at the fuse panel and check for a bad connection at the fuse to the areas you mentioned. There is a power panel under the hood also you may need to check. If you don’t see anything obvious like a burned connection you might try locating the trouble by tapping on suspected connections with a screwdriver handle.

Thank you, I will try that.