Damage to my exhaust

Hello All,

I have a 2004 Mazda 6 2.3 Sport.
Just before I left for work today,I discovered that someone had tried to do away with one of my twin exhaust.
They literally seem to have tried to snap one of the ends off as if it was a cheap stick on.Obviously it’s not.
I came out to find this one exhaust tip hanging from the back of my car,still attached.
Is this gonna be pricey?


Depends on what you mean by “pricey”. If you have comprehensive insurance on this, you could turn the repair costs into your insurance if it costs more than your deductible since it is vandalism.

Seeing as how this car is 10 years old, the muffler may have been a bit rusty, anyway. A single muffler is about $100, installation maybe another $100. The mid-muffler and pipe assembly between the 2 mufflers and catalytic convertor is about $125.

Stay away from the dealer, find an independent muffler shop. Much cheaper!

I once saw two goonies standing on the exhaust pipes of an old VW Beetle. They were obviously trying to break them off. I called the police, they deserved whatever they got. Any cameras around where your Mazda was parked? Good luck! Rocketman