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Muffler Replace?

Hi the inspection person says I need a whole new muffler and tail pipes for $305 to pass inspection because the muffler fell off. It looks like it was cut off and he says he can’t weld it back on because it is too rusted. What do you think? Any Suggestions?

Sounds like a fair price and you have to have them so just do it. Welding rusted parts is a waste of time.

You must be lucky enough to not need a catalytic converter, stealing those are the only instances I have ever heard for such vandalism.

Muffler Replace? I thought I could contribute some actual expertise. My extensive exhaust experience was in Southern California. What is this thing called rust?

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He said we may need an new catalytic converter too.

Not cut. Notice that rust covers most of the circumference of the pipe. This caused the loss of strength that led to the rest of it snapping off.

Are you willing and able to tackle this yourself? Exhaust work is about my least favorite repair to perform; YMMV.

Expect the price to go up dramatically if you need the catalytic converter also. Get a quote before approving the work. Is your vehicle tested for emissions etc. where you live? You might get by without a catalytic converter if there is no testing, but moving or selling the car could cause trouble. Possibly disagree @nybo with "Not cut. " a break usually leaves jagged edges in my experience.

It passed emissions in PA but he said the muffler just fell off. Which is weird because it was not making a loud noise or anything that would cause attention and make me embarrassed to drive.

It looks to me like someone tried to steal the catalytic converter with a SAWZALL.

I can see the upper heat shield for the cat, and the cut metal is clean and thick

That didn’t rust out…

Mufflers don’t usually have heat shields.


What vehicle is this?

Looks cut to me too. There is rust, but it did not fall off.

How do I know he stole my catalytic converter? I don’t understand isn’t important to make it run. Please explain. How will my car go?

2000 Mazda B2500 truck.

Pickup trucks are more susceptible to catalytic converter thieves than cars because access is easier, but I remain unconvinced that happened here. Are there any definite signs of saw marks?

Blow up the picture and you can see the jagged edge, the pipe cracked.

Your muffler fell off during the emissions test?

They didn’t steal it.

But they tried!

Your vehicle is a pickup. So it’s easy to slide under the vehicle with a SAWZALL and cut out the cat.

I know it’s the cat because I can see the flange where the shell for the cat is welded together, and the heat shield.

A used cat can bring up to a $100.00 when recycled.


The truck has low mileage for the year at 73000. We bought it a couple of years ago from an older man who used it as a spare. We use it as an extra to move boats and lawn mowers around during the summer. Here is the picture of the tail pipe. I was just hoping it could be welded on to get through inspection in PA. Now $900 later I am stuck.

That metal is so clean, it can be welded on.


This last picture shows that it is pretty jagged and not cut.

Maybe the shop the OP went to has little experience welding!!!


I am having a little trouble following this. First we have mention of 305 to replace muffler and tail pipe, that sounds fair. Then maybe needing catalytic convertor and then something about 900 dollars later.

If it needs those to pass what ever state this is then it has to be done period weather it broke or was cut. After the work is done and has sticker I am sure the truck could be sold for more that repair bills if it looks decent at all.