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Damage done by installers

I took my 98 Bravada to a sound shop to have a satellite radio installed. When I went to pick it up, the a/c was blowing alternating hot/cold/hot/cold air and when it was turned off (the a/c), a groaning sound came from behind the dash. The shop agreed to look at it, but called a while ago and said they checked everything they had done and the symptons are still there. How can I get them to put the car back the way it was before they caused the a/c failure? And, by the way, the satellite radio doesn’t work either.

I think you next step is to take it to an A/C shop. Let them know what you think. Let them fix it and let them tell you what the problems was and if it could have been of if it looks like it was caused by the radio shop. I suspect it is a vacuum hose issue, likely one as cracked or disconnected (I’m guessing cracked) when they put in the radio. That said, it is likely a 10 year old hose. Chances are a new hose would not have been damaged under the same situation. I would just pay the A/C shop and be done with it.

If you really want to push it, you will need to contact a local attorney before doing anything else. Be ready to spend more trying to prove who did what and who is responsible than the cost of the repair, when in the end you could end up paying in full anyway, but your attorney can tell you better than I can on that.

Oh BTW did the radio shop know the radio was not working? What are they saying about that?

They knew the radio didn’t work and after I called XM, they said to send it back for a replacement. They still have the car and claim nothing they did could have caused the problem.