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Daewoo help?

My battery died recently in my 2000 Daewoo Lanos, and when I replaced it, the airbag light came on. Does anyone know if this is a serious problem or not? And if it is, is it possible to get it fixed anywhere? I’ve called a couple of places, but no one seems to have a computer that’ll hook up to a Daewoo…

Did you check the fuse?

When the airbag warning light is illuminated, that normally means that the airbag will not deploy in the event of a collision. I will allow you to decide if that is a serious problem.

As to who could work on it, I would try a Chevrolet dealer. GM purchased the assets of Daewoo, and they market the Daewoo Gentra as the Chevrolet Aveo in the US.

While I can’t guarantee that a Chevy dealer could help you, I think that they would be a good possibility. Alternatively, you might try a Suzuki dealer. The so-called Suzuki Forenza is actually the Daewoo Lacetti. So, it is possible that the diagnostic equipment at either a Chevrolet dealer or at a Suzuki dealer might be compatible with the Daewoo Lanos. I wish that I had better suggestions, but these are the best that I can come up with.