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2009 Kia Sedona airbag light

Hi !..

I don’t want to buy, any expensives computers systemes to get out this light too !..,and…i don’t want to move out the light in my dash too !..

So !,do exist any way to my air bag work and…get close this stupid light ?..

Whoever translated this into English did a poor job.

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You will need to have the airbag system diagnosed, it may not be expensive to repair, you have to get an idea what the problem is first.

yes ! i guess you right !..i have no choice !..

well …body !..prombely you life is really boring ! expect who make mistake,when they have to write a message here !..i guess you better be fine a job ! will be better for you !

The reason @oldtimer_11 brought your…sentence structure/grammar/spelling…up is because it makes the already difficult job of diagnosing what’s wrong over the internet (where we can’t lay hands on a car) even more difficult when we can’t figure out what you’re saying!! Take it easy…

ok !..i apologize ! !..i am cool guy on life !..i wish someone give me a solution for my car !
nice to tchat with you !..see ya !:+1:

I wish I could give you a solution but the only thing I could understand was that your airbag light is on. That tells you that your air bag won’t work when the light is on.
I don’t know how old your car is or how many miles on it ,but the only time I had this happen was with an old car that was driven little and when I started driving it more often, the light stayed off.