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D4 light blinking on 97 honda accord

I have a 97 Honda accord, the d4 light starts blinking after driving for about a 1/2 mile. i have watched every video on this matter, i have tested the lock up solenoid VxO=amp and they are within .3 of what the math says it should be. the tcu has been replaced. in all the conversations I have read the car will rev up slip gears and do all kind of hinky stuff, but mine drives absolutely fine, shifts fine,no problems what so ever. I’m at a lose,any thoughts would be greatly appreciated

Check fuse #6, 15 amp in the under dash fuse block to see if it’s blown.


That’s the windshield washer fuse (according to the chart on the cover) and no it’s not blown

Are you due for a transmission fluid and or filter service?

I just installed a used transmission with all new fluids