D4 light flashing on Honda Accord

I have a 95 Honda Accord V6, the D4 light is flashing and the speedometer needle does not work. When in stop and go traffic, the needle bounces around and makes the car stall and downshift and rev up. I replaced the speed sensor with no change. Can someone help?

A blinking D4 light is like a check engine light for the transmission. Regular code readers like the ones used by AutoZone will not read the transmission codes. You will need to take the vehicle to a dealer or a trusted transmission repair shop.

Sounds like a transmission problem. First thing would be to check the transmission fluid level. Does Honda suggest periodic replacement of the transmission fluid along with cleaning the transmission filter/screen? If so, that would probably be the second thing. The third thing is to anticipate a significant budget item coming up soon.

As the Honda Owner’s Manual tells you, a blinking D4 light indicates an electronic problem relating to the transmission. And, it also states that failure to fix the electronic problem promptly can lead to more expensive mechanical problems. In other words, don’t continue to drive it. (If you don’t have an Owner’s Manual, this is a perfect example of why you need to get one and to read it!)

In this case, the fix could be as simple as replacing a Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS), or it could be as expensive as replacing the Transmission Control Module. Only examination by a competent mechanic can tell you for sure. I suggest that you take the car to an independent transmission shop for an accurate diagnosis. Whatever you do, DO NOT go to AAMCO, Lee Myles, Cottman, Mr. Transmission, or any other chain operation unless you want their standard diagnosis of, “You need a new/overhauled transmission”.

When the car is at the trans shop for diagnosis, I suggest that you also have them change the fluid and trans filter if those procedures have not been done in the last 3 yrs/30k miles.

The filter is not serviceable on this transmission, its strictly drain and refill, NEVER flush. VDCdriver is correct, get this checked before it becomes a bigger problem.

Since you replaced the VSS, I guess you are a DYIer, so here is the information you need to troubleshoot this yourself.

Under the dashboard on the passenger side right next to the kick panel, you will find a plug with two wires going to it. It should have a cap on it but it might be missing. This plug is not plugged into anything. The wire colors are red and green/blue. Short the two pins of this plug with a short piece of wire or paper clip.

Turn the key to the on position and the D4 will blink a code.

One short blink = lock up clutch does not engage/disengage or unstable idle speed. Lockup control solenoid valve A

Two short blinks = lockup clutch does not engage. Lock up control solenoid valve B

Five short blinks = fails to shift other than 2nd and 4th gears, lock up clutch does not engage. Short in A/T gear position switch or wire.

Seven short blinks = fails to shift 1-4, 2-4 or 2-3 or stuck in 4th gear. Shift control solenoid valve A or wiring.

Eight short blinks = fails to shift, stuck in 1st or 4th. Shift control solenoid valve B or wiring.

Nine short blinks = Lockup clutch does not engage. Countershaft speed sensor or wiring.

One long blink and five short blinks = Transmission jerks hard when shifting. Mainshaft speed sensor or wiring.

Four long blinks = Lockup clutch does not engage/disengage or idle speed unstable. Faulty lockup control system.

Four long and one short blink = Fails to shift 1-4, 2-4 or 2-3 or stuck in 1st or 4th. Faulty shift control system.

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Keith, I have a Honda Civic 2000. We are trying to find tranny codes. How can I locate the wires on this model to try to short??

Keith, I have a Honda Civic 2000. We are trying to find tranny codes. How can I locate the wires on this model to try to short??

Most of the codes will appear on any OBDII code reader. They will be in the range of P0700-P0799. Start with that. The two wires should be behind the passenger side kick panel or just above it. It will be two wires going to a plug with a cap on it, but the cap maybe attached to a brace of some kind to keep it from flopping around. I don’t remember the colors of the wires and I don’t have my Honda service manual either, which was for a 97 Accord. I do remember that the wires were the same colors and same location in my 93 Civic as well, so I’m guessing they don’t change that from year to year or model to model. They may have deleted the wires though since everyone uses OBDII code readers now.

I have the same problem in my 96 Honda Accord it’s a v6 2.7l engine an my d4 is blinking did what you said to do Kieth with finding the blue / green an red wire on the passenger side and I got four short blinks what does the mean

I don’t have my manual anymore so I don’t know. You can go to an Autozone or other parts store and they can read your code with a code reader for free and tell you what it means. Post the code here and we can offer more support.

For future reference for the next guy that finds this thread instead of starting a new one, here’s the code list. No I don’t know why the forum told me this was a new post, but I’m guessing it’ll tell everyone else that too. :wink:

1-Lock-up solenoid ‘A’ circuit open or shorted.
2-Lock-up solenoid ‘B’ circuit open or shorted.
3-Throttle Position Sensor circuit open or shorted.
4-Vehicle Speed Sensor open or shorted - No signal from speedometer.
5-Shift Lever Position Switch circuit shorted.
6-Shift Lever Position Switch circuit open.
7-Shift Solenoid ‘A’ circuit open or shorted.
8-Shift Solenoid ‘B’ circuit open or shorted.
9-Counter shaft or transmission speed pulse generator open or shorted.
10-Coolant Temperature Sensor open or shorted.
11-Engine RPM (Ignition coil signal) open or shorted.
12-(No code 12 used)
13-Main shaft speed pulse generator open or shorted.
14-Linear (line pressure control) solenoid open or shorted.
15-Kick down switch circuit shorted.

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I drive Honda 2000 ( baby boy) it jacks up when shifting gear from low to high and vice versa. Its D4 light also blink, but will stop when the car is switched off. Please, I need help. If there is need to scan, please, direct me to a reliable scan centre in Ibadan. And a specialist transmission technician. Thank you.

Sounds like your transmission is failing. You need to get it to a repair shop. Soon is best - the longer you drive it the more likely the damage will get worse and more expensive.

Unfortunately this is a United States based forum, so none of us would be able to recommend where you should take it in Nigeria.

That blinking D4 light is telling you that there is an electronic problem related to your transmission, and if you don’t have this remediated promptly, it will lead to a mechanical problem. If you don’t believe me, please read the relevant section of your Owner’s Manual, which will tell you the same thing.

As to where to take your car for diagnosis and repair, I have to admit that I have no clue regarding repair centers outside of The US.

I know this thread is pretty old…but I’m sure many will still be reading it.

My Honda Accord 93 Anniversary edition (automatic tranny) had the flashing D4 along with surging RPM and it did not seem to want to want to go to higher gears.

The extra thing with mine was that if i drove the car for a bit…and shut it off, i would not be able to restart it. But if i let the car sit for a bit of time maybe half hour or more…it would start up but still had the flashing D4 and the other symptoms.

I discovered for my problem that it was the Main Relay. I made a video of how i fixed it and resolved my problems.

The situation with the flashing D4 could mean anything, but with all of my symptoms…this was the solution.