Cyclic unidentified sound in Volvo C30

Hi all,
Thanks in advance for any input. We recently purchased a 2009 Volvo C30. Had the front tires replaced and balanced. Then this sound started happening a few hours after we picked it up from the garage. I noticed it after taking a turn, but then was present on the straight-away as well. Loudest from 15mph-30mph, but still present after. Also, I hear it when pressing the accelerator and not always (but sometimes) when not. It must be associated with wheels/ breaks etc bc it is rhythmic and gets faster as the car goes faster (and not heard at an idle). Planning to bring it back to the garage that did the wheels, but wondering how urgent this might be. Thank you in advance! (links to videos below)

I don’t know what the noise is, but it sounds pretty bad. I’d consider it very urgent. I’d recommend checking the lug nuts ASAP, since we know the wheels have recently been removed and replaced. It’s not unheard of for shops to forget to tighten them.