Volvo c30 pulling sound

I have a 2008 Volvo c30 hatchback. The best way to describe my car question is like this: I’m sure you’ve heard the sound that ropes tied to a large boat makes when its tied to a dock. Sort of a pulling, tension related sound.

Well my car makes this sound intermitany when I turn the wheel. Again, it’s not everytime but it is often. Have you any idea what this may be?

Thank you!

Hi Stuart,

I am aware that I am messaging 8 years after you posted this and you may either no longer own the car or no longer use this account however I am going to try my luck…

I have just purchased a Volvo C30 2009 recently and I am experiencing the exact same issue. Ive tried googling it and cant seem to find anything helpful. Did you ever sort this out??

Would be extremely grateful for any help.


It’s likely something wrong with the front suspension or steering system. Personally I’d be afraid to drive the car, afraid of losing control of it while in motion.

Take the car to a local mechanic. Being a Volvo, be prepared for the cost not to be cheap. Good luck.

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You might also post this on a Volvo forum, that front end is shared with a couple of models.