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CV inner hub refuses to come out of transmission

Not sure if it’s early or late where you’re at is it’s early in late here 1:30 in the morning I just now getting out of the shower you know I don’t remember if it was you or missed your Knox yet said put pressure on similar for that take it passenger side out and take a drift pin and slide it through there and tap that drift in all I got pressure on the driver side pulling it out why should we have to do that we just that little clip in there you know I’m posted the video of this afternoon yet talk about a hundred 25 lb antenna at a full three foot drag and I’m a big boy I’m 255 lb and I mean did God only knows what the force of that impact is it jerks the whole car around I need to put Jack’s this time on both sides cuz last time it almost jerked it off the jack the jack stands I’m telling you I’m going to post it here in a little while you take a look at that sucker in a ripped of it would have ripped the bumper off of front of a Mack truck swear but yeah I do know what you mean and yeah yeah I’ve got lots of friends in there where am I part of Texas body shops owned by Mexicans and I don’t really good Mexican friends Anna yeah I’m I’m well liking fair with people and getting a hand and would be no problem it’s just you know I was forced into retirement because of a brain stem injury her motorcycle wreck so I’ve only got about four more years to live anyway so I just wanted to get some kind of ride I’m not a wealthy man I had a problem in the Marines after 6 years and 7 months don’t I don’t get no retirement no pictures from them so if you want to try to leave my mother a car or some type that decent enough to you know I say my mother she’s not here here so if you don’t drive but you don’t have a car for somebody to get her around then so that’s all my mission is right now that’s why I haven’t really call Lynn the big guns you know any ham brother I’ll let you know watch it video later

Terry , please make a post that people will read . Run on sentences and no punctuation will make most people just quit and move on to something else.

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You are right. It’s been non-stop battle to try to figure out HOW a small retaining clip could resist 100’s of lbs. Of force. Going from 1 step to the next to try each suggestions that was offered me. I will be more careful in this area as it may help me get a more accurate description of my needs.

I found this discussion interesting. Someone noted aftermarket axles might have slightly larger wire diameter clips making subsequent removal very difficult. Said it went in slightly more difficult as well. Some good ideas/tricks noted here, may help you. But, you may have to go from the other side to get it out…

I have a feeling that the thing is canted just enough to cause it to stick so firmly. In other words, technique may override brute force. One stuck one I got tied up with once came out easily with this method. Maybe it will work; maybe not.

I put a small piece of board on one side and wedged a chisel in there. Used another small piece of board on the other side and gently tapped a similar chisel in that side. Chisels between board and joint; not against transaxle. Popped it out like nothing.

Right after I got out of high school I went to help a friend with his gorgeous 67 Chevelle SS 396 that needed U-joints. When I got there the Chevelle’s rear was 3 feet in the air and he had his aunt’s old 6 cylinder Falcon backed up to it. I wanted to know WTH he was doing. He had hooked several lengths of child’s swing set chain from the Falcon to the driveshaft in an effort to remove it. The chain had already broken once and he was about to give it another try.

I took an 8" screwdriver, slid underneath the car, and with one little nudge the shaft came right loose. Maybe that will kind of illustrate the canted and severely binding theory anyway.

This is only 1 minute of it went on for 3 minutes. obviously exactly what you were talking about the the The brute Force versus the technique. The only thing is I have tried everything except taking off the driver side and putting a pin all the way through and tapping the hub itself as I keep pressure on it from the driver side I also have a video The hub itself as I’m doing the same thing it doesn’t even budge the in the slightest

Mr. Ok4450… if it was canted, that would be like FROZEN, or GALDED, in other words “stuck-in-place” , un-movable. Am I correct in that description? If that is the case then the slight up/down wobble, and the very slightly in an out movement would exclude the “BINDING” or my heat
" GALDED” therory… Wouldn’t it?

No. Try prying a c clip out from one side. It binds up. If the force is not equal from all sides, it gets harder to pull it out. Not impossible but harder. Also, the impact needs to be sharp. That means hard connections and metal to metal contact. A chain in between will produce lower g force than a threaded rod with a metal weight.

Yes sir I just changed both of these axles last June and the tie rod ends and because of the noise I was having is why I decided to go ahead and I took my listening probe and decided that you know where the car up and in neutral I mean in drive with it spinning I decided it was coming from the left inside and they do aftermarket does have large eclipse so I use my old clip the original I change the axles at 187000 miles it’s a 2006 Ford fusion. I think rather than battle with it any longer I’m just going to try what I’m do with you I don’t remember names where I fit is either mr. Knox or a guy named Keith I said take the oh God I’m lost now oh yeah take the driver side stuff out and then use a pen to try to knock it out while I’ve got pressure on it I’m trying to upload the video where I paired up the all thread rods did I have it hooked with and it doesn’t look to me like that every stroke with that hammer give it an impact I don’t know why YouTube won’t upload it I’m going to fix to go back there right now and try it again you need to see that you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about there’s only a few strokes out of the several that really caused it to to to life impact let me see if I can get it done

Okay, I got it done and I also see that you are mr. Knox forgive me for not realizing that I’ve had a motorcycle accident in I have a brain stem injury along with a cervical spine terminal issue anyhow moving on I was wrong I shorten that video down to a minute and 9 seconds and it shows three of the impacts and all three of them were very solid I mean move the hulk car I have the whole car up on blocks cinder blocks and wood… But I have scissor jacks two big scissor Jack’s for just support to help hold things… So I’m going to send you this and maybe you can look at that and like I said I think I have decided to go the route to take the driver side stuff off I’ve got it down pat to where I can have that sucker loose and I guarantee you I can have it the actual out of there in 30 minutes that’s with no air tools because I figured out how to a lot of the stuff they say take lose I don’t have to take loose and anyhow here’s that video… no it’s too big for email I’m going to have to go to the car site

I hope it works this way.

I’m not the one who suggested that you take the other driiveshaft out but it might work. If it doesn’t, then you could just remove the whole transmission and/or differential and take it to a transmission shop for disassembly.

But, I have another thought. If the differential has a cover, maybe you could remove it and see what the issue is. If the differential is built into the transmission, maybe removing the pan might give you a visual on the problem.

I suspect that the c-clip on the CV joint was a bit oversized and will not squeeze down to fit back through the hole in the transmission. You seem to be putting enough brute force on it to eventually shear the clip, but that will leave that part of the clip inside the transmission/differential. It will probably just settle in the bottom of the pan though. If you can get a visual on the thing, then maybe you could apply a small amount of tension on the cv joint and then use a long thin screwdriver and small hammer to tap the clip into position so that it can be squeezed through the hole. This would no doubt be best done with two people. One pulling on the cv joint and one tapping the clip, if you can get in a poaition to see that sucker.

Yes sir you’re probably right I don’t think I get any visual by dropping the pan I’ll take some photos of it infinitum and let you look at them … It just looks like a simple gearbox to me on the back of the transmission I’m assuming is driven by some type of spline system… I’m not a transmission man at all but however if I take it apart I can put it back together but I think it’s going to be it… I have a good feeling about it. I didn’t mean to get you mixed up with any other gentleman there but I just Mom first experience with the form type thing and infant has been too many good people but so many great suggestions that I haven’t been able to keep up with everyone I I have a the brain stem injury that it does affect my memory some too… but I have looked that thing over any type of access that I might could see or get to where the clip is… One gentleman mentioned aftermarket axles come with a larger clip in the hard to insert the actual with that clip on it which is true it did come with oversized cup I put my clip on it which is smaller in diameter and did not protrude out of the crew as much as the aftermarket one. And they popped in there very easily on both sides… So I’m fixing to get out there right now start disassembling the passenger side again … Not really again the last time was last June… we will know more we’ll get to the bottom of this thank you for keeping up with it thank you for all your suggestions may as well as everybody else it’s a blessing to have found this forum and all of y’all good people that takes pride in helping people like me… I will let you know tomorrow SOMETHING else as I go into day 19…

Will not let me reply reply until someone replies back this is what I seen when I took the shaft out

Terry , just login to the Car Talk Community site and forget the email thing. All of your replies are seen by everyone and you can post anytime that way.

Alrighty like I said this is my first go-round with a form or talk to unity so I’m not real experience to that thank you for your instruction I’m trying to comply it just wouldn’t let me post anything because I was already done three replies with no answer alrighty man all I got to do is get that to on play that number one hope it carries me through with this thing so all right have a wonderful evening thank you bye bye

You got the CV joint out or is this the other side?

No sir, no I wish that was the case… that’s the passenger side that I’ve taken out so that I can access tapping the back of the hub on the driver side that is hung up… but I have to fabricate me one of them tools…I have a smsll shop and about everything guy needs … Also there is a welding shop next I know right how convenient is thatI I reckon some 1 1/4 " solid rod or either piece of you know thick wall tubing make me a slot , or I’m a great necessitate ER if I don’t have any supplies I can always take a good socket and take my grinder and with a quarter thick will on it and grab me a slot in it and use 1/2 inch inch extensions tape together… but yes sir I’m going to try that tomorrow it’s almost dark here in Greenville Texas now I wish I was hoping I’m just working on it I cuz I usually work on it at night anyway I talked long enough didn’t mean to hold you up mr. Volvo didn’t like me using the email too much but I don’t know protocol that well yet but I’ll get I’ll get with it cuz this car ain’t going to get any younger Anna is still got lot of parts I’m going to the whole full bushing kit on it good motor I doesn’t use a liquor oil it doesn’t smoke nothing 219000 miles everything else is wore out but Goode motor… Little rascals the front tires sometimes not that I do it on purpose but you my brother thanks for everything you did the whole community there and as soon as I get something else done I will contact you or you contact me any time I am totally retired and it’s all just one long day to me sometimes I sleep all day sometimes I don’t sleep in so take care of yourself God bless bye-bye

If you can see the end of the stuck CV joint, see if you can see the clip ring that is keeping it from coming out. Push the CV joint in so the clip is loose. If you can see it and manipulate it with a long thin rod or something, then get yourself a helper to gently pull on the CV joint as you manouver the clip to be centered in the hole. If you can do that, then the CV joint should just pop out.

The problem is that I think your differential gears will be in the way. If the differential is separate from the transmission, or if it has a separate cover. I’d just remove the cover/differential to work on it that way.