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Cv axel wont turn

I recently installed a 3.5 in lift on my 08 silverado put in the new control arms and new struts also lowered the diff as the instructions said but now mu CV axels wont turn any while the truck is jacked up but when they are on the ground they turn just fine ant thoughts?

Something is wrong with the suspension geometry due to your ill advised lift.


You need to replace the axles with new longer axles. 2" is the max you can go with the stock axles. An alternative is a new mounting bracket that lowers the front differential so the axles are back to their proper alignment. That bracket may also include new locations for mounting the lower control arm so that you don’t get a lot of bump steer like you are going to get now.

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He did lower the diff.

Maybe I misunderstood the question? I thought your problem was after the lift but OK before the lift. Do you mean that when the truck is on jackstands and the tires are just hanging there? That puts the axle at its longest length and the inner CV joint is pulled all the way out. It maybe binding under that scenario.

Check the articulation angle of the inner CV-joint while the vehicle is raised.


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Sounds like your off road shocks and control arms have more travel than the axle assemblies can tolerate. You may need to install suspension limit straps.


Yes i did lower the diff with the spacers my kit came with when the truck is on the ground it spins fine but if i jack it up it locks up dont wanna hit a bump or something and tear my axel

I watched some videos for lowering the diffs when Chevy first went to ifs. Bunch of bridgework in my opinion. But that’s ifs. I would be surprised if the axles were overextended while using the kits supplied lowering hardware.

Contact the lift kit manufacturer and ask them about it. You could also raise the axles a little bit, maybe an inch, and see if they spin. If you do this before the call, you can tell the manufacturer at what height they start to spin.

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Surprised it hasn’t been asked yet- make and model of kit?

Is there a contact for technical questions in the documentation?

Was typing when you posted. Same thought…

Its the 3.5 lift from rough country lifted struts and new forged upper control arms

If you lifted the body… dropped the diff then the axles and cv joints should be happy and at low angles.

What provisions did you use or change to accommodate the steering controls? Perhaps the cv joint is fine and its the steering parts having issues.?

All i did was put the new upper control arms and struts

Doesnt the steering rack remain on the body of the vehicle? If you lifted the body… how will the stock tie rods still work/ fit? They would need to grow an inch or so…No?

Maybe i dont have the correct setup in mind… id have to look it up, sorry

I would contact them first. Here’s link to their contact info-

I read the install instructions. Nothing obvious stood out, pretty straightforward…why not ask them, they should know what could go wrong.