1993 Mercury Villager Motor Mount Problems

I bought this van in 2005 and have already replaced 3 front passenger side mounts and 1 rear passenger side mount. The guys at O’reilly tell me that I need to replace the CV Axles with a retrofit that is a little bit longer. Does this sound correct or does anyone have any other solution?

CV joints and Axles are not the same as motor mounts. But then me, being ignorant of these new falutin cars dont know how they might be related. Can you tell me? I am trying to learn as much as I can about the devious minds of engineers.

I really don’t know how the cv axles have anything to do with the motor mounts unless the longer axles might decrease torque. it’s a mistery to me. That is why I put it up on the forum. Dan

I don’t see how installing longer axles will help the tranny/engine mounts. But I do see how installing longer axles might cause damage.

The inner CV-joint is a plunging joint. This allows the axle to become longer and shorter as the front suspension moves up and down as it travels over bumps. If a longer axle is installed, the inner CV-joint will be forced to plunge deeper towards the transaxle, leaving little room for the axle to become shorter. Then if the axle has to become shorter as the suspension moves up and down, it could jamb the inner CV-joint to where it damages the CV-joint, or worse, the inner CV-joint bangs into the transaxle cracking the transaxle case.