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2002 Ford F150

About 3 weeks ago my truck decided not to start after having driven many miles. It has happened again after a day of driving with multiple stops. It cranks but doesn’t turn over. Mechanic could find no code errors, there is no service engine light. Problem?

your going to need to describe a little better whats happening. Cranking and turning over is the same thing. What engine do you have,


2 possibilities, based on the limited information we have so far

Fuel pressure problem (dead pump comes to mind)

Faulty crankshaft position sensor . . . it doesn’t always throw a code

Have that mechanic hook up a fuel pressure gauge

PCM and/or fuel pump relay both can cause intermittent problems that are tough to diagnose and usually no codes

Since the truck was running fine then all of a sudden not at all, won’t start, for no apparent reason – you are certain the gas tank is full enough, right ?-- so I’d suspect something electrical has gone on the fritz. First thing is to check all the fuses. Then ask mechanic to check for spark at the spark plugs. Could be the crank sensor or other ignition components. If you are getting spark, the next thing is to check the fuel pressure as mentioned above. Could be the fuel pump or fuel pump relay.

There are other things that could cause this. Broken timing chain for example. But that would be unusual in a 2002.

I’ll add a little story here for New Years entertainment. Years ago my sister phone me up at 6 am, she was coming home from a late night of partying, saying her truck was stopped at the side of the road and wouldn’t start, would I come to help her … so I get out of bed, freezing cold weather, drive 'til I find her there on the side of the road looking pathetic-like, she’s saying her truck won’t start. Her truck had two gas tanks. So I look at the gas gauge and it says “full”. Then I look at the fuel tank switch, and the gauge is switched to the aux tank. So I look at the valve which selects the tank which feeds gas to the engine, and it is set to the main tank, which was out of gas … sigh … lol …

Occasional no start? Carry a can of starting fluid. when it won’t start, spray a2-3 second burst into the engine air intake.
If it starts up and runs briefly. you have a fuel delivery problem. If it doesn’t start up it is an ignition problem.

What kind of climate are we talking about? Are you in one of the wintry areas of the planet where it is cold right now? Or maybe in the desert southwest with warmer temps? You didn’t specify whether or not the truck actually quits running on you, or if it runs until you shut it off. When it starts how is it running? And how does it run up until the moment that you turn it off or it stalls - whichever the case may be? Apparently this has happened on more than one occasion - so at some point the truck does start back up. Describe that. What do you do to get it running? How long do you have to wait?

Live on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. The truck never quits running and runs fine once started. In the past, if it didn’t start wait 20 -40 mins; it would start right up. Yesterday however it would not start all day. My husband goes out this morning to see if it will start – yep, first try. Take it to the dealership and as of this evening they can find nothing wrong. Our regular go to shop has told me it is a fire or fuel problem.

See if you can narrow down the problem. Go to an auto parts store and buy a spark tester and a can of starting fluid. You’ll come in under $20 for it.

The next time it won’t restart use the spark tester to check for spark. If no spark then you know to trouble shoot that side.

If you have spark, first hold the pedal to the floor - don’t “pump” or whatever - just hold the throttle flat on the floor and try it some. If that gets it going then you look at something that would cause the engine to flood, such as stuck open fuel injectors. (Holding the pedal down is a “flood clear” procedure).

If that doesn’t help then blow some starting fluid into the intake and try it. If that gets it going - even if just briefly - then you troubleshoot fuel delivery.

“Our regular go to shop has told me it is a fire or fuel problem.” Most likely, assuming there is still oxygen present at your house. Go with the recommendations here to narrow it down some