Customer contact programs or packages


I am a Master student from Graduate School at The school of Business, Economics and Law in Gothenburg, Sweden. I am conducting a research on the approach luxury car manufactures take when confirming or welcoming their customers after purchase.

The purpose with this research is to evaluate how manufactures of luxury products confirm or welcome their customers in connection to sales and to identify how this creates value for the costumers.

My questions are:

-Do brands like Audi, Honda,BMW, mercedec-Benz and Lexus have any kind of ?customer contact programme? that welcomes customers as a new car owner?

-If yes, what is this package/programme comprised of?

-Do the packages differ between car models?

-How do they differ?

- Do car retailers and dealerships have the possibility of adding components to your package?

-Is the customer contact programme offered the same worldwide?

I would appreciate your answers


where’s deep plaid when you need him?

i have never heard of any substantial programs. but i don’t buy those brands.

i did get free oil changes for two years with one car, but i think that was a dealer specific perk.