Buying a NEW car!


I’m abot to buy a new car, brands that I have in mind are Honda, BMW,Lexus,Mercedez-Benz and Audi. I have heard that some of these companies offer champagne and such to their new customers. What did you get when you bought your car?


We got free Lexus Jackets and a gift certificate to a nice restaurant. But those perks mean NOTHING if you had to pay MSRP.

When I bought my honey a 2008 Nissan Altima as a wedding present several weeks ago, we got a grateful handshake from the salesman.

A great car.

I’ll buy my own champagne. I already have a jacket.
However, when I went for my state inspection the other day the shop gave me a free T-shift. And since the inspection was only $20 that was quite a deal!

BMW is the only one in that group you listed that does free scheduled maintenance for the first 4 years if it’s important to you. Other than that each dealer and salesman will have their own way of handling sales, although I’d expect nothing but a handshake at honda haha.

Those cars are all nice, but they have their pro’s and con’s. If reliability is most important choose Honda and Lexus, with BMW falling behind those two. If sporty handling is most important choose BMW. If you need a car that does exceptionally well in the snow look to the Audi’s or an all-wheel-drive BMW. If value is important choose Honda. In the end choose what makes you happy, because I could care less what the dealer does for me on the day of the sale other than give me a good price.

Free yearly state inspections for life time of ownership of car. I will say it turned out to be a good deal as they priced increased from $15-$25 to about $50-$60 since we changed over to checking OBD-II as an emissions test.

This guy is obviously “richcrisler” operating under a different name. Go ahead and click the red flag under his posts… eventually the forum will ban him if enough people thus complain.

Trust me–you don’t want to drink champagne that is free. I will buy my own, thank you.

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I don’t plan on buying a car anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean I won’t take a day and drive to Columbus and look at the new cars and try to get a test drive or two. Better to keep my options open now while I can, that way when the time comes, I’ll have an idea of what I’d like to buy.