Custom Exhaust work

I am inexperienced in custom exhasut work and have a dumb question for someone with a tiny bit of experience more than me.

I want to expand the diameter of a pipe so it may slip into a joining pipe and clamp it together. What tool do I NEED to expand the pipe ID about .06". I am confused by conflicting information on the internet so I am asking to be dead certain.

Will a “pipe Expnader” used with a hand wrench be adaquat to expand the 2" steel pipe about .06 in diameter?


Will I need a “pipe stretcher” that is used with an impact wrench?

My sense is the latter because of the force needed move that amount of material but I don’t want to guess.

Also I don’t want to spend an extra $80 for a tool I may not need. Thanks in advance.

A flare tool may do it…but your best bet would get a sleeve that goes over the pipe.

I second that idea Mike . . . don’t stress the pipe if you don’t have to . . . just put a sleeve over the two pieces. Rocketman

To expand an exhaust pipe you’ll need an expander that uses an impact wrench. You can’t develope enough force to expand a pipe by hand. But if you must have a slip joint at this connection, take the pipe you want expanded to a muffler shop. For a couple of bucks they’ll use a hydraulic expander to expand the pipe.


Thanks. I know about using a sleeve to couple the pipe togeather but I was trying to do it cleaner. Practicality may have to dictate using a sleeve as suggested.

It sounds like the “expanders” to be used with a hand wrench are only for repairing out of round pipe and not forming a larger diameter for slip fitting together

Expanders cannot be used by hand. Impact wrench only and they are good for the out of round and flat spots from dropping as you had already stated. Sleeves and/or hydraulic expanders will fix it.