Leaks in new exhaust system


I have a 93 plymouth sundance 2.2L and I put a new exhaust system on it. There are small leaks at all of the pipe joints, and adjusting the pipe clamps does not seem to help. I have tightened them as far as I dare. Are there any tricks to getting a good seal?



Did you use some exhaust pipe sealer at the joints? Don’t know hoe effective it would, but that would be the first thing I would do. Also, did you install all the necessary gaskets in the joints?


You have to put the pipe in far enough and bend the metal when you tighten the new clamps.


Are you using hand tools to tighten the clamps? It is very difficult to get enough force on the clamps to deform the metal between the two pipes enough to get a good seal using hand tools.


If he’s tightening the pipes enough to deform them, he’s either using the wrong exhaust pipe clamps (which are designed to NOT deform) or the wrong pipes.

The exhaust pipes are flared on one end to accept the normal end of the next pipe.

If deformity occurs when the clamps are tightened, the exhaust will leak.


I don’t know what you’re referring to. All of the exhaust pipes I have ever worked with that did not have a flange were straight pipes. Often you needed an expander to get them to slip together since they are almost an interference fit OD to ID. Using saddle clamps, the pipes are deformed to clinch down the two pipes with a crimp from the U bolt and saddle.