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Exhaust Sizes

I did something stupid and put one of those stainless steel universal mufflers on my car, it looks great but turns my car into a resonant chamber when I accelerate. I would like to get something like flowmaster 60 series delta flow to keep the interior noise down (any better suggestions).

Anyway, the tailpipe on my car is 2" and the muffler has a 2.25" inlet, since those are both I.D. can I just slide muffler over the existing pipe and clamp it in place or do I need an adapter? Due to a sharp bend in the pipe the room I have to play with to put the new muffler in is limited so I want to keep things as compact as possible. The universal muffler also supposedly has a 2.25" inlet (the box said 2") but it was really tight in the 2.25" adapter.

“I did something stupid and put one of those stainless steel universal mufflers on my car,”

End of thread…

Get a reducer. You can buy them almost anywhere.

You need a reducer. You could also use an expander (a tool to slightly open an ID).

Um, that universal muffler…are you sure that isn;t one that’s designed to make the car osund “hot”? A so-called “oilcan muffler”?

If there is a bad fit between the exhaust tube, and the muffler inlet, that could be the cause of the noise, in that it is not being muffled. Take it to a welder, and get it welded, that wont leak, and it will allow the muffler to do its job.

I’d just run it by a muffler shop. They have an assortment of pipe expanders, etc. and it should not cost more than a few bucks to make this fit tightly.

There’s a reason why the vast majority of mechanics do not do exhaust and muffler work; it’s a pain in the neck and requires a huge assortment of stuff to work with.