Crying over spilt milk


For the man who spilled a lot of milk in his car - no odor-killer in the world is going to cover it up. First of all, you need to CLEAN it, and despite what the Click & Clack say, it is possible. You need to get a kind of foaming carpet cleaner, the kind that comes in a spray can. You will spray it on any upholstery or carpet that got soaked in milk, and wipe it away with a damp sponge that you will scrupulously rinse in clean water before you wipe again. You will notice that the foam, when sprayed on an offending location, will look brown instead of white. That is the rotten protein that is stinking up your car. You will do this again and again until the foam no longer comes out brown, and use as many cans as you need to. When my son was little I spilled about a quart and a half of milk on the floor carpet, and it took at least one can to do the job, but it worked just fine. You will blot it with a towel, let it dry really well, and I can guarantee that you will never spill milk in your vehicle again.

Not sure how else to share this info - the column says to “post it” but this seems like the only way to do it.