Milk Smell Out of Car?

Help! My wife’s 2007 Toyota Prius had some creamer spilled in it on the backseat and floor mats. We took it to an auto detailer to be steam-cleaned/shampooed/deoderized. The smell did not go away! What do we do? We’ve tried out some “odor-eliminators” and they have not solved the problem. We’re seriously considering replacing the interior carpet and padding, but are wondering other solutions that have worked for anyone in the past.

Having flashbacks to a certain Seinfeld episode too!


I Hope You Have An Agent And Not An “E-Gent.” Surely, You Have Comprehensive Insurance Coverage. It Covers Accidental Damage And It Is Time To Use It.

A neighborhood brick and mortar insurance office with a real human agent should be able to help. Chances are they will have experience with this or know how to proceed. Replacing interior carpet, padding, upholstery, etcetera, can get very expensive, very fast. However, this might be the only solution to the problem.

Insurance adjusters deal with odors in cars and although spilled milk is very bad, some are even worse than this . . . don’t ask.

A claim of this nature should not increase your premiums the way an accident can, but check that out, too.

I have zero-deductible comprehensive coverage. Do you know your coverage ?


Hi; I been using a well know home remedy for years. This will even kill animal urine especially cats.

Need: get a larger container of hydrogen peroxide at the drug store. You’ll need a spray bottle and some baking soda. A wet shop vac.

Mix to container 50:50 warm water and HP. Add for say 16 oz. 1/2 to 1 tsp of baking soda. (only mix as much as you can use because it doesn’t store well) The baking soda can be stirred up in some warm water to dissolve and measurements don’t have to be exacts. +/- an ounce of HP won’t matter.

FIRST TRY A VERY SMALL SPOT ON THE CARPET FOR COLOR FASTNESS. same with the seats if fabric. Allow to soak in for a while then vac out and rinse with cold water and vac out again.

Now if this is a large spot on the carpet you may have to try a pouring method instead of spraying. You want to get it fairly well saturated to get to the under padding. Note most auto carpets have a sealant on the underside to prevent excessive moisture so it may only be mostly residue below the carpet layer.

Also note that plain rubbing alcohol is an excellent general odor killer, too. I’ve never tried it on milk but I know it doesn’t work on urine.

good luck…

Humans can’t smell very well, but they can detect spoiled milk in the parts per billion range…The only sure cure is to replace the carpet and padding…Spoiled milk is by far the hardest odor to eliminate…


I forgot to add if using the pouring method add more baking soda. (and it does work on dairy) For the cost of $2 versus hundreds it’s worth it even if you have to repeat it. I’ve tried formulas that cost $75 that didn’t do anything.

What type of odor eliminators have you tried? I like Ozium unscented air sanitizer, and I would apply some baking soda to the source.

After applying some baking soda, roll up all the windows and close up all the doors but one. Then spray a bunch of Ozium in the car, close the door, and let it bake (sit) for at least several hours. Then open the doors and let it all air out before you get in and vacuum up the baking soda. If you still notice the odor, repeat the process.