Smell from spill

I recently had milk spilled on the floor of my car. Terrible smell that so far has been impossible to remove. Any ideas please?

You could change the floor carpeting in that spot and undercarpet mat. Molded replacementss for these things are available over the internet.

I would first shampoo out the carpets the same way you would shampoo a rug after you spill something on it. A friend of mine used to own a car detailing shop and you would not believe the stuff they were asked to clean up, making milk seem rather innocuous.

Then, let it dry out thoroughly with the windows open.

If any smell persists, try some of those nice smelling Bounce towels you put in your clothes dryer to kill the smell. It will eventually disaaper. But shampooo out the area first.

Good luck.

Milk spilled onto carpet is IMPOSSIBLE to remove…It’s as simple as that. No matter what cleaning method you use, the odor will keep coming back. Humans can detect spoiled milk at a few parts per billion concentration…

All the affected carpet and padding must be REMOVED and replaced to completely get rid of the smell…

Milk is about the worse thing to spill. I agree with the others.

If you want to try something and don’t mine spending a few dollars, try a high end auto detailer or a home fire restoring company. See what they say. You might get lucky.

Scrubbing bubbles is my fix for anything, soak it good! otherwise replace the carpet.

check out these solutions…

And I thought BP would be involved here.

Meadville, What Year Is This Vehicle ? I Have Two Plans Depeending On That Answer

Plan B - Beater Car:

If it’s an older “beater” car then I’d try renting one of those “steaming mad at dirt”, or whatever it is, steam / extractor vacuum outfits and try that on the area of stinkness.

By the way, I have GM service manuals and even talking about plain water spills, they recommend replacing the carpet and backing pad if the padding is cotton containing fabric. For synthetics they recommend vacuuming and air drying. Even water can start to smell like Marine World after a while.

  • Or skip Plan B and go directly to Plan A.

*Plan A - A Nice Car:

Don’t do any more to it. This can run big bucks. Call your insurance company. Comprehensive insurance should work even on self inflicted “accidents”. It did when I took out the rear window of one of my cars with a weed whipper and I whipped a rock ! This is why we buy insurance. Roll past the agency and let them have a whiff !

Then take the car to your Lexus Dealer where there’s the best chance that your car won’t get screwed up removing, ordering parts, and replacing carpet / pad, etcetera.