CRV - All Four Doors Unlocked - Hatch will only open if the Key FOB is located next to the hatch

Starting Point - Rear Hatch is locked

Step 1. Unlock all four doors - either from inside or with Key FOB
Step 2 Bring the Key FOB around to the back of the car and attempt to open the Hatch - viola it opens as designed

But, if one does not bring the Key FOB around to the back of the car the hatch won’t open even though all four doors are unlocked.

However, if one then opens the Right Rear Door, and even if the Key FOB is not present, the hatch will open.

So, what I can deduce is that the right door is not sending out the signal that it is unlocked unless the door is opened.

Fulll disclosure - a body shop replaced the outside rear door panel, and it was working before they did the work. However, they stated they do not do “wiring”.

Perhaps a wire is shorting in the right rear door? Everything else works in the door, it will even set off the alarm if it is armed, and one rolls down the window, and reaches in and unlocks the door.

Maybe not related to your problem, but it was 5 years of ownership until a friend told me you have to hit the unlock button 2 times to get the tailgate to unlock in addition to the doors. (Chevrolet Trailblazer) I very rarely locked my doors so it was not a day to day issue.


How old is your key fob and when was the last time your battery was replaced?

Weak fob battery or internally damaged fob connections will limit your range and give strange results.

Strictly a wild guess but is it possible the vehicle is designed so the hatch only opens when the fob is present or the vehicle is stationary, as evidenced by the open door? I’ll have to experiment with my wife’s Tucson to see if this makes any sense.

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Check the spots where wires go between any of the doors and the body. That’s usually in the hinge area. See any wires with chaffed insulation? Missing rubber grommets? Or maybe some computer or another has to be re-programmed to recognize the key fob correctly, due to the rear door panel replacement. If so, that may require a visit to a dealership shop.

Thank you for, great advice. I know the FOB is not the issue, as it must be something in the right rear door that is preventing the computer from recognizing that it is unlocked unless the car door is physically opened.

The year of this CRV is not mentioned so offering a thought on if is worth spending the money to fix this is hard to say. My nieghbor had a hatchback for 3 years before someone showed him there was a button on the hatch that would let the hatch open . He thought he had to open the drivers door and push the button on the dash every time. If there is a button on this vehicle hatch I would just use that as long as you could still unlock all four doors with the remote.

On newer cars there are all sorts of options about how you want the locks to respond to the fob. A prowl through the owners’ manual might help. If you don’t have one Honda does online. This is a link to get the 2021 manual, but you can change the year in a panel on the screen.

CR-V manuals

One easy test, does the interior lighting turn on (like it does presumably for the other 3 doors) when that door is opened? If not, that would be an important clue.

Yes it does And opening the door when the alarm is set reaching into the window and unlocking the car sets off the alarm