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2003 CR-V Tailgate Window Won't Open

My key fob doesn’t open the tailgate window anymore. No noise that it unlocked, nothing. I tried the spare fob, same results. What would be entailed in repairing this? I changed a tailgate door actuator a few years ago & found that rather easy (with YouTube help) so am not afraid to attempt it. I’ve searched around the web & haven’t found anything useful.

Also, I do not see a manual way to open it. Am I right in assuming the fob is the only way?


Does it work when you manually pull the handle? Does the rear wiper work? I ask, because the same fuse powers the rear control unit and rear glass actuator.

Yes, the wiper works fine. I can’t open it manually. I thought it was locked until the fob activated it, but, I will go try that.

Well, first off all, I have never seen a way to pen the tailgate window manually. There is a separate button on the fob just for that.

I just checked an if I pull on the window & hit the fob, it clicks & opens. So, now it makes me wonder if there is some kind of alignment issue and not an electrical one.

Any new ideas appreciated.

OK, I guess I feel a little foolish by now. It seems you have to hold the button for about 3 seconds for the tailgate window to unlock! I just never noticed that before since I hardly ever open it.

Isn’t there a key cylinder in the handle of the tailgate? To open manually you insert the key and turn, which pops the glass open. That’s how it works in my '99 CRV and I expect the '03 would be the same. The following pic is of an '03 and you can see the lock cylinder in the handle.

Thanks for following up, @TonyMan, that’s how we all learn.

+1 to insightful’s post.
And congratulations on being certifiably human… {:slight_smile: