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Cruse controll

I have a 2004 XUV - envoy my cruse controll stopped working? I change every fuse under the hood and the fuses under seat, are there other fuses I missed?

Are your brake lights working?
Burned-out brake lights will disable the cruise control.

yes lights are working, I had the ENVY in cruse controll while going down a big hill I put the truck in Netrul, I put the brakes on at the bottom of the hill.cruse lite went off (thats normal) when I went to engage the cruse it would not work.Unless its one of those black fuses in with the mimi fuses.

Double check the brake lights and make sure they turn on and off with the parking brake and the service brake.

Why did you put it in neutral? Did something happen?

I started the car put the parking brake on and tap the brake. the lights went on and off, I also tried it with in key in the “ON” the brake lights still worked, no reason for putting it into Neutral no problem with the truck.

Thank you for taking the time to help me.