Cruse control

cruse control quits when I turn on the headlights

check if your brake lights are going on when you turn on the headlights. that would disable the cruise control. Then look for a short in the wiring or a connector between those 2 circuits.

It may be a loose nut behind the steering wheel! To check, drive the car at high speeds and yank on the steering wheel repeatedly (You may have to get whole-body leverage by firmly placing your foot on something like the brake pedal and really yanking the hell out of that steering wheel). What the hell is a “Cruse control” anyway?

be careful, someone may take you seriously.

its something that controls the mission! but you should be careful using this in the rain…man! then again, it may be impossible.

Make model and year would be nice to know. Is it OEM cruse or after market? Check the voltage at the battery with the engine running and the headlights on and off.

My initial thought:

“Dont tern onn hed lites.”

Trying to misspell every word in a ridiculous response. Get it?