Cruise control


I have a 1997 Dodge Ram 1500 5.2L engine. My cruise control is not working it will not hold any speed when I am drive what would cause this to not to work?


Many things including a bad brake switch, any of many broken wires or loose plugs, in some cars a vacuum leak.

Best bet is to get a repair manual for your car and use that to trace down some of the more likely problems.


Often the culprit is merely a bad brake switch as Joseph said. You can try pulling the pedal up with your toe as you engage the cc. See if this changes matters.


Does your car have a ‘speed control’ light on the dash when the cruise control is working? I ask because some cars and trucks have them, and when they flash, means that the controller has detected a problem. Getting the cruise control module scanned can ID the problem. You may have to talk to a dealer.


If you’re lucky, the connection at the throttle just fell off. If so, you should see a link of some sort just hanging there.