Cruise control problems in hot weather


I have an issue with my cruise control that only occurs when there is warm/hot weather, or if my car has been sitting in the sun for an extended period of time. The issue does not happen in the Fall or Winter, and generally not in the morning after my car has been sitting in the garage overnight. The issue that occurs is that sometimes I can turn on my cruise, set the speed, and then seconds or minutes later it’ll just cancel the cruise speed without me doing so or hitting a pedal. Other times I cannot even turn on my cruise control, or the cruise light keeps flashing on and off. I’ve checked the fuse box and everything looks fine there, but I couldn’t specifically find a fuse labeled for cruise control. Any ideas?

The next time the cruise control won’t work, take your left foot and place it behind the brake pedal and pull up on the brake pedal and then try the cruise control. If the cruise control works have someone check the brake pedal switch.


I tried that and it still doesn’t work.

Did you find a solution. I have the same problem. All winter it worked fine. Now the weather warmed up and it wont stay on. One person I talked to said TCM but that’s an expensive maybe to replace