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I like MY OLDS but I hate it at the same that U2song

I have a 2000 oldsmobile Intrigue sedan with all the bells and whistles…question 1 my “daytime” parklites …is there a way to shut this feature off without disarming the alarm so I don’t have to change the blub for the 10000th time?..(I don’t wanna get expensive just though there maybe a simple solution) Question #2(this ones more important…scratch the other one…okie if you have time you can answer them both) My WINDSHIELD WIPERS!! …the driver side works but the passager side works then proceeds to body slam itself into the base of the windshield until it knocks itself unconsciousness. My Mother&father-in-law were very kind to give us this car and he said it would get “hung-up” and then it would work fine…i don’t see how it gets hung up…my inspection is due in sept. so of course i’m gonna wait to fix it until i fails.ICan fix this myself? Please don’t read this part…(if you read it on-air) I know and you know that this car is a piece of crap…but mind you I got this car for free…But is it me or does this model car have alot of electrical probs? there’s lights that come on themselves and are super hot to the touch…and the front dash sound like to fatpeople having sex on a water bed…everytime i make a left and right turn…mind you I got this car for free…lol and i really love my in-laws but I hate theCAr! THX MATT MAYSLANDING