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Crown Vic blinking Air bag light

This is on my 1995 Crown Vic. It started after sitting for a day in the hot Al sun with all the windows up. At start-up the light is out. It blinks on and off a few times and then remains on until I turn the car off. My ODBII scanner will not tell me anything about that lamp. Thoughts?

The bag module is located behind the glove box…It takes a trip to a dealer or some body shops can read the fault codes…On older models, repairs always involve a new module. On newer models they can be reset after repairs are made… is a good place to learn about Panthers…

I will take it in and see what they say then. I was trying to avoid this car visiting the dealer. :frowning:

I have been reading online but one of the CV web forums I was having trouble getting an account with. I cannot remember if it was that one.

Thanks Caddyman.

The light should be flashing a trouble code. Flash flash pause flash flash would be a code 22 . See which code you come up with & google it.

22,Safing Sensor Output Circuit Shorted to Battery Voltage

Looks like code 12 After reviewing some information on-line I will check the crimps and fuses first. Will this have to be reset by a dealer?

Code 12 is no power to Air bag module. Well the fuse was blown. Put in a new 10Amp and it blew when I started the car.

Thoughts on how to proceed?

You need a pro. You have a short. Probing the wires if you dont know what you are doing can cause the air bag to go off.

I have the factory service manuals on CD and was looking at them last night. I’m an engineer and it will be tough but I will take this one to a professional to get an estimate on what it will take to fix.