Airbag light stays on!

i have a 96 ford crown vic v-8 that has never been wreched but the airbag lite stays on it was checked with a computer of some kind ,and i was told that the sensors were bad is this a possibility and whats that going to cost ,thanks 4 the help

Did they try clearing the code when they checked it? If so, did the light come back on immediately?

Sometimes a voltage spike or other unusual event will set a code in the airbag computer. If you clear it and the light comes back on, then you really have a problem that should be repaired. If you clear it and it does not come back on, just keep driving.

Please be aware that when the airbag light is on the airbags are deactivated and will NOT function.

If you want the airbags to work in the event of a crash you will have to replace the sensors or whatever else might be making the light come on.

Since SRS diagnosis and repair is dealer-only, you will have to pay whatever they charge.

How valuable is your safety? If you want the airbag to protect you, you have no choice.

Behind your glove box is located the air-bag controller. It contains a non replaceable fuse which has blown, disabling the airbags and causing the warning light. First you must have a DEALER diagnose the system and locate and repair the fault. THEN you must replace the blown controller. Figure $600-$800

In my '92 Vic, I have been looking at that light for 6 years…That’s what your seat-belts are for…