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Crittters chewing through fuel line

My 2009 Toyota Corolla has to have the fuel tank replaced because some critters chewed holes in the fuel line. What can I do to prevent this from happening again?

We get this question a lot. Having some sort of animal (predator like a cat or dog) urine or stool near where you park usually does the trick. You can probably buy fox urine at any store that sells hunting gear for a similar effect.

I’m surprised they are replacing the tank if only fuel lines were damaged. If you are going to a dealer then you should look up an independent mechanic, unless it was under warranty and no cost to you.

Set Out A Nice Tray Of Tasty, Assorted Fuel Line Appetizers Near Your Car!
The critters will love you for it and leave your fuel lines alone.

Seriously, could the people installing the new tank / lines, wrap the vulnerable parts with 1/4 galvanized hardware cloth (screen)? You can purchase it at a hardware store and cut and shape it.

My concern is that when the critters can’t feast there, they will move in on your engine compartment, mmm!

I hope your comprehensive insurance is covering this.

I, also, question a fuel tank replacement.