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Cricket noise brakes

What up guys!!
I did a reemplacement on my brakes with EBC Stage 10 super sport dimpled and slotted brakes kit for Honda accord 2014 sedan EXL V6 3.5L and after the installation I have a cricket noise on the passanger side while the car is running and sending the brakes. i uninstall everything to make sure that everything it is ok, not losing parts etc and the noise still there.

Anyone know why?

Please any help will be good that noise is driving me crazy!!

Thank you!!!

Does this mean the noise happens only when the car is moving and you’re applying the BRAKES?

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Of course it broke, you installed a break kit.


Since we’re discussing crickets . . .

Why in the world would your car need to take a cricket noise break. Is it the crack of the bat or the wicket noise it needs a break from? Either way the answer is simple. Don’t let the Accord loiter around the Cricket pitch.


Thank you for the respond,
The noise sound when im driving (moving) more than 20 MPH and when applying the brakes.

What did you break?
I hope that you didn’t break the brakes!

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Some of responses above are meant to be funny, making fun of your constant misspelling of BRAKE.

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didnt break anything, its a typo plus auto correction from my phone, but it ok ppl can make fun we all do it, and everybody understood what i meant with “BREAKS” i just want to fix my problems. thanks

typo and auto correction from my phone, but its ok everybody understood what i meant. :call_me_hand:

First, I would remove those brake pads and file or sand a good 45 degree bevel (angle) on the edges.


I will do that., and lets see what happen

Did you install new rotors too? If so, that might be contributing to the weird noise. New rotors have to be thoroughly cleaned in soapy water before installing.

Yes, the whole kit. Mmmmmm this sat will checke everything again. Thanks for the clue