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Creaking noise in rear of car on abrupt braking when parking uphill

If I’m parking car on inclined ground like a hill but could be less steep, with front of car facing up the incline, and I abruptly brake while car is in driving gear (or say neutral), then I hear some creaking noise in back.

What might it likely be coming from? I have similar noise on front of car under other circumstances and others here have mentioned to check for CV joint, ball joint, bushings in another older post. How about such noise on the back side of car?

95% of these creaks come from bushings. The most common source are the bushings that hold the sway bar to the chassis, because the metal bar twists in the rubber hole constantly and the hole wears big. The other 5% come from struts.

But gee, wouldn’t it ne nice if we knew what type and year of car we were discussing and how many miles it had on it?

I vote for bushings here too.
On an uphill stop the gravitational shift of weight is now more on the rear that under level stopping.

My vote also goes to bushings. The only other creak I’ve heard parking uphill is with a vehicle that has drum brakes. They are usually out of adjustment.

Thanks for comments, was busy & haven’t checked back on this post til now.

FYI, the car is a Suzuki Forenza 2006 w/ ~60k miles (7 yrs old car)