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Creaking Under Car When A Couple Of People Are In


I have a Fiat Punto mk2, and when I launch off with a couple of passengers in the car with me I hear a creaking noise coming from somewhere around the rear.
I haven’t heard it in any other situation, and it doesn’t do it when I’m in the car alone.

Anyone have any idea what this may be?

How old is the car and how many kilometers on it? If it’s 8 or more years old, it might be a worn bushing on the suspension. Without hearing it, and knowing the other information, it’s hard to diagnose it.

its a 2000, 12 years old, and about 70000 miles.

Bushings you say? would that be an expensive part/hard job to fix yourself?

Depends of the bushing.
And your level of expertise. There are people out there who would be stumped changing a sparkplug and others who think nothing of replacing a clutch assembly. Generally, those in the latter category would have already known it was probably a bushing, so in your case you might be better to bring it into a shop.

The bushings are at the suspension joints. You first need to determine which ones are worn, then disassemble the suspension, remove the bushings, then push new ones into place. Then you reassemble the suspension. Examples of bushings are in the image below left. The control arm on the right has 3 bushings installed. As you can see, you have to press them out and press the new ones in.