Car creaking/squeaking when I accelerate/stop need advice

So I just got my breaks, rotors, and tires replaced which totaled to around a grand and my car has been creaking which I originally thought was because of the brakes but now I’m thinking otherwise. It makes a loud creaking noise when i accelerate or stop abruptly. It’s not bad if I really prissy pedal it but I’m hearing it a little too much. Sounds like its coming from the front of the car near the wheels. I was thinking it is my suspension or perhaps springs/shocks but if someone has any insight please share.

What year and how many miles on your g6?

The people who just did $1000 worth of work might be willing to diagnose this for you. Did they know of this complaint before they did the work? If you don’t get good help from them, or if you think a second opinion would make you feel more confident:

It could be related to the front suspension, which a good alignment shop should be able to diagnose, or exhaust system, which a good independent local exhaust shop should be able to diagnose.

I would guess a bad ball joint or a bad motor mount.


Could be sway bar links and/or sway bar bushings . . . that would be fairly inexpensive

Could be control arm bushings, which would be expensive, as would ball joints, as Yosemite suggested