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Brake pedal squeaks

98 Accord LX 4 cylinder automatic

Brake pedal occasionally squeaks on the way down and on the way back up when depressing it. The sound is definitely not coming from the brakes themselves (I know what this sounds like). It appears to be coming from the pedal or just under it. I checked the brake fluid and it has the recommended amount. Any ideas what could the problem and recommended action?



Lubricate the brake pedal pivot.

Thanks. Unfortunately I was wrong. I started pumping the brakes while the car was not turned on and now I definitely hear the squeaking coming from around the driver’s side rear wheel.

Get someone to help you isolate the noise–it is very hard to hear exactly where something is coming from when you are sitting in the driver’s seat.

Does the hand brake cause the squeak as well? Does it work properly? Disc or drum brakes in back?

If you can make an automotive stethoscope with a length of hose and a funnel, you and your helper can be even more precise. Good luck.

Hand brake causes no noise and works properly. I have drums in the rear (I believe). I used a helper the second time and I was able to isolate the sound coming from the driver’s side rear wheel. I’m guessing I have to lube something or clean something up (or both). I would prefer to do this myself if it’s simple. I’m pretty handy with tools- my problem is I’m not really familiar with the terminology. Sometimes I’ll read instructions and it sounds like, “carefully clean the positronic emulator being sure not to disturb the flux capacitor.” LOL!

guess I scared folks off with my poor attempt at humor. ah, well…