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Crappy jeep

i have a 2002 jeep liberty.the cv shaft is i have to replace anything besides fix jeep.

They sell the entire CV joint/Axle assy as one whole unit… The only other thing I would buy and replace is the transmission seal in the tranny where the axle plug into it…Its a great time to change that as well as you will be staring right at it and the only time to do it is …well…THEN. WHen the other axle goes at some point you will do the same thing…great insurance against trans leakage for only about 8 bucks for the seal.

Perfectly stated. I second the recommendation. And whenever I’m under a vehicle doing a repair or maintenance, I like to shake things and look around carfully for any signs of dried bushings, unexpected leaks, of anything else that looks amiss. It’s good practice. You’d be amazed at how many problems you can prevent by catching things early.

If the CV joint is popping, replacing the shaft will certainly solve the problem. On another topic, I will agree that the Liberty is probably the crappiest Jeep ever made, but is there any other reason you have titled your post “crappy jeep”? Do you need further assistance?

It’s hard to fathom a 9 year old Jeep being referred to as crappy because of a normal wear and tear CV joint problem.

If that’s the case then any vehicle that has a CV shaft is crappy.