Crazy brakes


My 86 Chevy Celebrity has a rear brake problem. The brakes are in good shape but recently when I back out of the garage, I hear a lound twang. When I go forward and apply the brakes the rear tires screech and the car seems to lift up on the right side. Is there a brake hanging up or what? The repair shop said they could not find anything wrong. I drove it home a short distance from the shop and the brakes worked fine and garaged it for the night. The next morning it happened again when I backed out and then went forward, put on the brakes and the car lifted up on the right side.


Calipers working properly?


you should check your bake hoses and metal lines. Does it only locks in reverse? did you check if your brake springs and hardware are ok, when was the last time you change it?


A common problem for these cars is that the backing plates on the rear drums corrode and the wheel cylinder that activates the rear brakes twists. This causes all the symptoms you are talking about.


All new brake lines were put on in 2004 from back to front. These are rear drum brakes so no calipers are involved. The shoes are 1/4 inches thick.


Where are the backing plates?


I don’t know if your car is front or rear wheel drive. I had a 78 corolla rear wheel drive that did that when the rear end was going bad. Backing out of the garage each morning felt like something was blocking the rear wheels. After it got rolling it was alright.


It’s the metal plate that the brake shoes sit on and the wheel cylinders bolt to. It can be grooved or rusted not allowing the shoes to return to the proper position.