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Crankshaft sensor 2003 caravan 3.3

Replacing crankshaft sensor-does it need to be “set” in anything to “seal” it=putty, gasket sealer?

Follow-up to earlier posts thanks to all who have answered/offered advice.

Manual states place van on jack stands-not sure why–could not reach if from underneath of thru wheel well. Needed to remove battery. battery try, cruise control, and some other minor things to reach from top.

Of course -it did not slide right out-broke into 3 parts-main part flush with converter cover. Could not get to where I could push it thru of grab it–not enough room. Ended up with right angle attachment on dremmel tool and grinding out inside of sensor and then finally prying out aluminum cover over magnets.

Cleaned out opening-ready to put new one in.

Will also retest wires-as they were banged around quite a bit with trying to get access.

Thanks again for assist.

Follow-up request ??use to use permatex for some things like this-is this needed?

Also book calls for “paper spacer” for camshaft sensor does crankshaft sensor need "paper spacer?