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Crankshaft seal already leaking on 2010 Chevy Malibu

Hey, guys, have a question for you. I just had my BRAND NEW 2010 Chevy Malibu with the 4-cylinder ECOTEC engine in for it’s second oil change and the mechanic said my crankshaft seal at the front of my motor is already leaking! The car has less than 6000 miles on it! Only had it a few months. Is this something that may be a harbinger of bad things to come, or is this just a “New car glitch” that once fixed will be fine? Really concerns me.

Even with the best of quality assurances, a bad part can slip through. This is why they provide warranties. Take it back to the dealer and have it fixed under the warranty and don’t sweat it.

This should be an easy repair compared to the rear crank seal. A little oiled emery cloth applied to the seal contact surface on the crank should smooth out any roughness so a replacement seal can then work indefinitely. Otherwise it’s possible that the seal was damaged during assembly or was a defective part that got past the assembler’s eye.

This is rare. The last crank seal leak I saw was on an older model year Toyota.

Is oil leaking from the engine?

According to the mechanic at the Chevy dealer, what he told (showed) me, was oil coming from the seal at the crankshaft towards the front of the engine. he said they will need to keep the car about 5 hours to fix. I know new cars can have problems, but just did not expect this so soon.

Get it fixed now. You still have plenty of warranty time to see if the repair holds up.
Should be OK.

I wouldn’t worry about it…But if other things keep happening under warranty…then I’d start to worry.