Ford Fusion SE 2006 - oil leak

I have a 2006 Ford Fusion SE (2.3L 4-cyl.) 5-speed Manual, with 280,000 miles on it. It’s been a great car with very little repairs, etc. I’ve noticed a little oil on the driveway - nothing big, but certainly consistent. At my last oil change, they told me I had a leak in the crankshaft seal and that I should take it to an engine shop. I’m not a ‘do it yourself’ kind of person when it comes to big repairs. So I’m wondering if it’s an expensive fix and worthwhile? I’d love to keep the car going another year… but don’t want to end up spending a ton of money on it.

What do you think? If I don’t fix it, should I avoid oil changes? The leak doesn’t seem bad and it doesn’t drive any different.

Changing a crank seal can get expensive; especially if it’s a rear main seal. Considering the high miles on the vehicle and if oil consumption is not too severe you might consider adding a seal conditioner to the motor oil.

Those things are kind of a crap shoot as the reasons for seal leakage vary but it’s cheap and worth a shot anyway.

First of all, don’t avoid oil changes no matter what you do. Skimping on the maintenance is the best way to make sure you don’t get that extra year of service.
If the car is leaking just a little oil, my temptation would be to put in what is called high mileage oil of the correct viscosity at the next oil change. This oil has an ingredient that is suppose to cause the oil seals to swell and sometimes slows down the leak. Check your oil at least once a week and keep it topped up.

I will definitely try the high milleage oil at my next oil change and the seal conditioner.


I’m with @Triedaq; on keeping up with your oil changes. Why shorten the life of the motor for a little leak.

At this many miles I wouldn’t try to repair it unless it was leaking more than a quart a week.
If it’s a rear seal the tranny will have to be removed to replace it. If it’s the front seal the timing chain/belt will have to be removed.
Either way the expense will be well over $1000.
As my dad always said "you can buy a lot of oil for a$1000.

Just keep a close eye on the consumption and be aware that the leak could be minor today and tomorrow it may be 10 times worse.

Check it daily, and get used to glancing under the car whenever you walk to it…seeing if the puddle has suddenly gotten bigger. Also start keeping a half dozen quarts of oil in the trunk.
This way, if you suddenly run out you can refill the oil to get home.
Hopefully the oil light comes on when you’re a quart low…that will help you keep an eye on the level.