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Repeat oil leaks

what do you do when you replace the front oil seal on a 1992 mazda B2200 an it starts leaking again after running for about 20 minutes?Is there any where else oil can come from near there?

If the crankshaft has groove worn in it where the old seal sat and a new seal is installed, the groove and the roughness on the crankshaft will tear up the new seal causing it to leak.

Check if there’s a seal kit that either sleeves the crankshaft or relocates where the seal sits on the crankshaft for your engine.


I assume you mean the front crankshaft seal, you had to remove the timing belt to replace it, right?

What brand of seal are you using? If the crankshaft or pulley (I don’t remember which surface the seal rides on) is worn, it may cause repeated leaks. A different brand of seal may ride on a different area and seal better.

Is that your only leak? The older an engine is the harder it is to keep it sealed. Wear on sealing surfaces and excessive crankcase pressure help oil leaks happen. Check your PCV and breather system for proper operation.