Oil Leak

I have a 1996 Toyota Camry, automatic. It’s been leaving a oil spot on the street, small, for some time, just inside the front right tire (opposite of steering wheel.) Lately, it’s increased. My mechanic said that it’s probably something I can’t remember, something like a cover, seal, something that costs a lot to repair. He said for me to watch it, check my oil levels and keep it filled if I see it getting low. Tonight, it was down to the fill mark, and I’ve probably driven it 800 miles since I last checked it and it was at the full mark. What problem (s) are possible. He has checked all the obvious, tightened seals, etc.

This location is where the front of the engine is. This means a front crank seal or cam seal. The front crank seal is probably the culprit, since this seal can allow a lot of oil to escape when it goes bad. The cam seals aren’t as bad. But, the timing belt has to be removed to get to it. This can be costly, since everything on the front of the engine has to be removed.

Thanks so much - Now, it’s a 96 Camry in good condition. Is it worth having this fixed or shall I continue to watch it, adding oil and begin looking for a new car.