Crankshaft Bolt, 1996 Toyota Camry

I’ve got a 1996 Camry with a 4 cylinder engine. I need to replace the timing belt but cannot get the bolt out of the end of the crankshaft. The last thing I tried was a 3/4" impact. All I managed to do was break the 3/4 to 1/2 adapter. Does anyone have any idea as to how I can get this out? Can I heat it up? I don’t mind replacing the crank seal if I need to. Thanks

The bolt screws into the end of the crankshaft; so, heating the bolt is out…it would just make the bolt expand. You want the bolt to shrink. A CO2 fire extinguisher could cool it.
Another possibility is to use your air chisle and cut the head of the bolt off.
I’ve had some tight bolts on Hondas. I have Sears’ most powerful 1/2 inch impact, and it’s still difficult. Sometimes, I have to apply the impact wrench several times before success. With Honda, there is a hexagonal recess where ones modified 3/4 drive socket can fit. I don’t think your Camry has that.

Crankshaft bolts can be difficult. I’d buy another adapter and keep trying. A good soaking with penetrating oil certainly can’t hurt.

If you are using a 3/4" drive impact, I would forget the adapter and buy the 19mm 3/4" dr. impact socket.

There is a Toyota factory tool to hold the crank pulley still. Actually, it’s two tools used together. One of the two tools has multiple applications. For the Toyotas I’ve worked on I have the factory tools. I realize not everyone is willing to buy these tools as some can be expensive but that’s what I do.

Thanks all. It did finally come off! What a BEAR!

Congratulations! Now you can get on with the timing belt replacement.