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Honda Civic Timing Belt

I am replacing a timing belt on my 1988 Honda Civic Wagon. I am not sure how to hold the crank shaft while I remove the bolt on the CS pully. My Hanes manual suggests that I use a screw driver to hold the flywheel while I remove the bolt, however I do not know how to access the flywheel.

The Honda crankshaft bolts can be a real bear to remove. Here’s a tool that’s supposed to aide in the removal. A good impact gun and socket can also remove the bolt. If you don’t want to purchase the tool, and you don’t have a good impact gun, then I would suggest that you drive it to a garage, and ask one of techs if they would take an impact gun and socket and loosen the bolt for you for $20.00. It’ll be the best $20.00 you ever spent for the amount of grief it’ll save ya.


Auto or Manual??

it is a manual.

I’ve found that even my 1/2" impact wrench, rated at 550 ft lb, has to take a lunch break when trying to loosen a Honda crankshaft bolt. Get the tool and use a 3 foot, or more, breaker bar.

So here’s how it played out. The tool that was recommended is used for 91 and later model years for the civic. I could not find a tool that was in stock for the earlier models. I ended up using a few bolts to hold the accessory drive wheel and a pipe wrench to hold the drive wheel (see pictures). Then I used a half inch drive socket attached to a 5 foot cheater bar. The nut came free. Feel free to share this info with anyone else who is having troubles with removing the crank nut.