Cramped driver needs roomy zoomer

I’m getting up in years and I’m looking for a vehicle to buy but it has to be one that I can sit high enough to use my left foot on the brake and gas. It also has to be economical (25mpg OR so)and reliable. I’m in a Nissan PU and long drives are getting painful as I have to tuck my right leg under my left. The last one that I could stretch out was a van. Something without a hump or tunnel and a flat floor. Any suggestions would be helpful.

Scion xB maybe? Mazda 5? Hard to tell. Any car shows coming up in your area? That’s a good way to try out a lot of vehicles.

Being taller, a bigger vehicle does not mean more leg room. I don’t get it but you should try many vehicles as I do not know a source that rates leg room.

You can get a pedal extended that will place the gas pedal on the left of the brake pedal. Me neighbor is missing her right leg and has used this device for decades. Have you looked into this? If it works, it might save a lot of money for you.

It’s getting harder and harder to find new vehicles that do NOT have the gear selector in the middle. A Ranger, F150, Impala(might have to special order a bench seat, but I do believe they’re still available)

Some Honda models have collapsible right arm rest and small forward center consoles for free center movement. I think they might give you the necessary leg room… Element which is economical, roomy up front and has no throttle sticking issues…yet.

Do you know where she got the left pedal? Sounds promising. Thanks.

I’ll look into it. Thanks.