2015 Honda Pilot - Good vehicle for tall person

I want a fwd car/suv/truck with extra front leg room as I am tall. I currently drive a Honda Pilot. It is quite cramped leg room and is awkward to get into. (it is too short to use the sideboard and too tall to comfortable get into with the low steering wheel.) Any Suggestions?

Doesn’t the pilot have a tilt steering wheel ? You are just going to go and set in anything you are interested in because what you what is personal to each person .

Head to one of the big used car sellers like CarMax. Sit in a bunch of cars, SUVs ect until you find a couple that fit you. Before you buy, try to get a weekend test drive or rent one. Drive it like you own it. Decide if it fits you before you buy it.


Car room is very person-specific, so do as @Mustangman suggests. Are you wanting to replace the Pilot, or somehow fix it?

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Some people have very long legs, and others have a long trunk. The OP needs to do a lot of seat testing in various vehicles in order to see what works for him and his particular build.

Sites like Edmunds.com have reviews and specs of various vehicles. If you see a rotation like “cramped for tall drivers,” you’ll know to avoid a specific model. FWIW, I’m about 6’4" and I find my Corolla comfortable.

I used to have a 2014 Ford F-150 and I’m 6’5”. It fit me pretty well and even had to move the drivers seat up front a bit more. I’ve always found SUVs to be small for me. Maybe not for you but yeah for me it was.