Craig's Rustloleaum Blazer Paint job - How's it holding up?

I’m interested in finding out how Craig Fitzgerald’s Rustoleum paint job is holding up on his Blazer. I want to try it on my 1973 Monte Carlo.

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I will alert Craig to the post. Thanks for asking.

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Hey, GSteeger, Craig here!

Thanks for checking in.

I sold the Blazer two years ago and it was still in good shape.

It spent a winter outside, and like any single stage paint it got kind of hazy, but a polish and wax would bring it right back.

It’s not going to have the durability of a base coat/clearcoat, but it was also 1/10th the price and served my purposes well.

Good luck with your Monte Carlo!

Poor mans paint job.


I’ve painted my trailer several times with Rustoleum. It’s not the best and fades pretty quick, but hey. I didn’t color sand, wax or polish though. It’s a trailer.