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2019 Chevrolet 1500 - Frame Coating Peeling

Paint coming off the frame. I was changing the oil on my brand new 2019 Chevy 1500 Silverado. Anyhow, as I was changing the oil, I noticed that the cross member had (I thought it was grease) so I wipe it off, that’s when I realized that it was the paint cooking. After further inspection the paint is coming off all over the frame. The paint is blistering. Not to mention that the truck only has 4,500 miles on it. So, I took it to the dealer to get it inspected. Wonder what they are going to say or do. Keep you posted. I have pics if need.

My 2013 has peeled the same way, it then gets a surface rust. This has been going on for years with these wax dipped frames. I never paid attention to mine. It sounds ridiculous, and many will probably disagree, but I think its there just to protect the frames between frame manufacturing and assembly. It just comes right off. The only thing that worries me is the thinner metal that has been used past 10 years for weight savings that might rely on that coating for protection (whereas in previous generations some frame rust was no problem). Let us know what the dealer says, I’m curious myself.

Yeah I guess that was my first impression. Just a coating to protect the frames before assembly and never intended as a permanent coating.

For a while there, GM “wax coated” the frames, I believe. At least in the 1/2 ton trucks. Weird. Seems like paint would be easier.

It shouldn’t be peeling off. They’ve had issues with nox coating for years. You can probably find service bulletins regarding fixing peeling issues. Just google gm wax frame although you may get angry about it once you do…I’d be in the service dept complaining if it was mine…

There is a bulletin out that says to use a product called “rust bullet” on areas where the coating has come off. If I get real bored at some point I might do that.